May 20, 2017
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Amputee poses nude  FEB 12, 2017
Crash victim poses nude in a hope to challenge what society regards as sexy.

Meet Moffy, the cross-eyed model  APR 12, 2016
This girl is a highly paid model despite the fact that she is noticeably cross-eyed. I've just got a funny eye, is her own comment.

Baby joy for shark attack survivor Bethany Hamilton  JULY 16, 2015
Bethany Hamilton who lost an arm i a shark attack while surfing, has given birth to a little boy.

"I wasn't surprised people complained about me"  MAY 31, 2015
Many parents got very upset about one-armed television presenter Cerrie Burnell. But all the fuss only made her even more popular than she was before.

Photographing Jill  NOV 1, 2005
Jill lost her legs at age 25 when she was run over by a car. But a photographer found her very attractive.

A victim, a survivor, an artist  JAN 30, 2003
This lady was raped, the rapist hacked off her forearms and left her to die. Against all odds she survived and is today a distinguished artist and painter.

Disability and Delight  MAJ, 2001
A research project about the devotee community by Raymond J. Aguilera.

A New Way to Be Mad   DEC, 2000
A detailed article about self-mutilation. "The phenomenon is not as rare as one might think".

Rose Petra, student  Autoumn 1990
Rose Petra, amputee and wellknown among devotees, explains how she can help others by using crutches instead of a prosthesis.