June 22, 2017
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Moderated by Jama Benett who also runs the Ascot World site and who is herself an amputee.

Fighting It
For discussions on how to live with an urge to have a limb amputated or become otherwise disabled. See also this site: Body Integrity Identity Disorder

One of the oldest and best groups and still very active. Restricted membership.

Aesthetical paraplegic girls
Group for exchange of pictures of paraplegic wheelchair girls. Restricted membership. Several complementary groups.

Disabled and Admirer Cafe

Picture sharing group. Not only amputees.

BDSM in wheelchair
Women in wheelchair who like boots.

BIID and Admirers
Circle of Friends

Support for people with BIID (amputee wannabes) and accepting admirers.

Bunion-hammertoe lover
For those who are attracted to deformed female toes.

Completely paralyzed
Picture group. Restricted membership.

CP dev reality
A forum for devotees and people with cerebral palsy to exchange ideas and make connections.

Crutches and crutch users. For those who use crutches and for those who admire them. A number of complementary groups.

Deformed Goddesses
Also a number of complementary groups.

Devotee central
Sightings of disabled women and short devotee fiction.


Disabilities devotee spamless
An attempt to replace the overspammed Disability Devotees group.

Disabled Females − South Asia
Specialized picture exchange group.

A Distant Dream
A group about women for whom walking normally is a distant dream.

"Devotees Opposed To Sexual Exploitation." Blog discussing devoteeism from a dev's point of view.

Female para barefeet clips
A collector's group. Also a co-group.

Fifties In Braces Club
For the generation when so many were stricken by polio. Also for wannabes, pretenders and "others" (supposedly devotees).

Friendship poetry
Poetry featuring disabled women.

Gimps Gone Wild
The Yahoo group that goes with the web site with the same name.

Hot girls in wheelchair
Picture group.

Hottest Para Women
Picture group about paraplegic and quadriplegic women.

I want to be a paraplegic
"But i really want to be a paraplegic!"

Lovers of ladies using
crutches or chairs

Mainly pictures.

Nell's place
A woman with a short leg who always has her face covered.

Spinal cord injuries and devotees. Once an extremely active group. Now it seems to be fading out.

Playmate Sharry Konopski
Former Playboy playmate Sharry Konopski who has to use a wheelchair after an accident, now has her own fan club.

Real Short Leg
Complementary group: Orthopedic users and friends

SL_2   (ShortLeggers2)
The new main group of the shortleggers team. For admirers of women who have a short leg. The old group has got technical problems. There is also a complementary group.

Swedish wheelchair women
Only about women from Sweden. Also restricted membership.

Picture group. Complementary group: Wcgirls3

Wheelchair admirers group
"There is nothing more sexy and beautiful as a woman in a wheelchair."

Wheelchair legs and feet