November 23, 2017
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The $10 CDs
and $30 DVDs

"Disabled women in daily life." Low cost CDs and DVDs with plenty of pictures and video clips of disabled women. Many samples.

Abasiophilia Information
A lot of information about the attraction to people who are mobility impaired, especially those who have to wear leg-braces.

Candi is a wheelchair lady who is selling pictures and videos of herself.

Chairem International
Back again  NOV 12
Disabled models with an emphasis on wheelchair and leg braces (polio, spina bifida, paraplegics, etc). Photo sets and videos for sale.

Chairman GA's Place
Small picture site with pictures of women who use wheelchair. The site is sometimes "temporarily unavailable"

Devoted Group Home Page
"My true fans are my devotees." A.J. Bray, a lady who is pansexual, disabled and a published author of romantic fiction and erotica. She has also got a personal site , as well as a special devotee site: A.J.'s VIPs. .

Devotee dolls
A paraplegic lady who sells photo sets and video clips of herself.

This photographer's speciality is pictures of disabled girls, primarely those who use a wheelchair, but also some amputees.

Gimps Gone Wild
Photo sets of disabled models for sale. Explicit erotic character. Associated Yahoo group here.

A former stripper who now has to use a wheelchair after a car crash but who still loves to show her sex appeal.

A paraplegic young lady. Photo sets for sale. But business seems to have faded out.

Leah, a paraplegic lady who was in the adult industry before her accident. She is now selling videos of herself.

The blog of Vera, a quadriplegic lady.

Sexy Para
Shannon, a para lady who is selling video clips of herself.

Sickly Girl
A disabled former fetish model who is now making videos of herself doing everyday things.